Garage Advice

Garage Advice


A Concrete garage is so versatile; people use it for many things – a workshop, utility room, home office, wine cellar, gym, micro brewery, hobby room and even as somewhere to put the car!

The Concrete Garage Centre has the most comprehensive selection of built garages available for you to view and try. With this amount of choice, we have come up with a showground for you to visit and a guide to help you through the process of choosing your building.

The first thing you will need to decide is – What do you want to use your concrete building for: Will you be storing large items like garden furniture, lawn mowers, bicycles, exercise equipment and ladders?

  • Do you need workshop space and intend to incorporate a work bench?
  • Will you be installing appliances like washing machines, dryers or freezers?
  • Do you want to line your building so it can be used as a home office, recording studio, photographic studio, playroom or gym?
  • Do you want to use power tools in your building for mechanical repairs, woodturning etc

If you need any assistance with foundations or any of the options listed so far just check out oursite services page.

Garage shapes to choose from.

  • The Apex range has a pitched roof at 12.5°, with a slope to both sides.
  • The Pent range, with roof falling from front to back.
  • The Mansard range, with tiled front elevation with roof falling from front to back.
  • The Lean-To range, with roof attached to existing structure

The shape of your building will determine how well it will look on your property. Remember that the right choice can enhance the look, and therefore the value, of your home.

Garage Sizes:

Consider the position in relation to your house and check on the size of your car; make allowance for the turning circle of your car and the width of your approach road.

  • Please make sure that you allow enough space to open your car door when you park inside your garage, don’t take the paintwork off the edge of your door.
  • Look at including a personal access door as well as up and over garage doors, and remember to allow for the opening arc of the door.
  • Remember some customers would have chosen a longer or wider building once they see the final result – and it only costs a small amount to add those extra feet.

Garage Style:

Choose your finish from the Finishes page:

  • Reduce maintenance by choosing maintenance-free options.
  • Why not choose an up and over garage door to match your house style from the many different styles and finishes we have for you.
  • Ring the changes with personal access doors and choice of windows.
  • Pick the finish of the roof to blend in with your house and ring the changes with personal access doors and choice of windows.
  • Decide to add security options to make it harder for vandals to damage or break into your building.


Call us at the Concrete Garage Centre or, better still, visit our Showground and try your car (and family) in the many fully finished garages we have on site.

Call Hollybush Buildings: 0800 1975046 or 01474 812876 for more information